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About Us

We Leverage Scientific Knowledge To Generate Wealth

Ridgewood Research is a Canadian company dedicated to providing high tech services in the areas of research and development for the pharmaceutical, food, cosmetics, and other R&D establishments.

We service companies that require extensive expertise in the areas of high quality research extracts, research planning and development, IP protection, SR&ED Canadian Tax Credits, product development, and capital sourcing among others.

Ridgewood research carries out its own research projects and is licensor of several patents for continuous and advanced research. See our licensed patents here.

Ridgewood Research acts also as distributor of research products and services for major manufacturers.

We leverage scientific knowledge to generate wealth.

Our highly experienced and service oriented is led by:


Dr. Charit Seneviratne, BSc, MSc, PhD

Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Charit Seneviratne has over 20 years of experience in the corporate and universities-based research programs including University of Toronto/University Health Network and over 5 years in the biotech industry. He has hands-on experience in cutting edge molecular biology and biotechnology, such as micro RNA, deep sequencing and reverse genetics based projects.

Dr. Seneviratne has implemented and managed several strategic business plans in research and development. During his work in the private sector Dr. Seneviratne successfully developed and executed a program that created a small-molecule natural-based formulation from concept to commercial production. The same project produced 5 patents in a short period of 4 years. See the patents here. See the final product here at ORIGENERE® TR1™ Super Hair Formula

He is well versed in collaborations with academia, governments, agencies, charitable institutions, and corporations to achieve the final goals.

Dr. Seneviratne is a well published researcher with 22 publications: 19 peer-reviewed articles + 3 book chapters, and 5 pending patents. He has proven ability to managing and motivating teams, training, increase sales, save time, and decrease costs in all areas of R&D.

Dr. Seneviratne has also an extensive participation in social causes forming part committees that have raised millions of dollars for non-profit organizations.

Dr. Seneviratne obtained his PhD at the University of Manitoba in Molecular Biology/Physiology in 1994 with the thesis "Cloning and the regulation of Insulin-like growth factor binding protein". He obtained his MSc in Molecular Biology/Biochemistry in 1989 in from University of Manitoba, as well.


Fernando Armani

President of Business Development

Accountant by profession, Mr. Armani has spearheaded business development and operations of the Alvi Armani and Origenere group around the globe in particular the US, Canada, EU, and the Middle East.

Mr. Armani brings more than 15 years of diverse experience in business development, marketing, corporate expansion, surgical and medical business management, cosmetic product development and manufacturing, information technology, R&D project set up and management, IP protection, corporate tax structuring, and corporate legal structuring.

Mr. Armani has also extensive experience in finance, including financial planning, business planning, financing, and investor sourcing. Other areas of expertise include corporate restructuring and streamlining.

Mr. Armani brings to Ridgewood Research a wealth of experience that clients can capitalize on.


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